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Dr. Cathy Beldia DMD recovered from Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5 by
using DXN's Ganoderma Lucidum.

Dr. Cathy Beldia - Spared from Dialysis


Jane Yau's and her father's fight against stroke and cancer

The Fight Against Stroke & Cancer

In year 2001, my father who was 79 years old at that time had a stroke. In fact he had been suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes at the age of mid40's. Subsequently, he suffered one of the blood vessels related complications in which all the minute blood vessels at his brain became brittle and ruptured 4 times within a month. Doctors removed the blood clots one after another and finally they could not take the risk to operate on his brain anymore. With God's grace, my up line Mr. Cheng Peng Yen took some time to convince me to believe in RG and GL from DXN. Miraculously, my father recovered completely after taking RG/GL for 3 months.
Being a medical professional, DXN RG/GL is one of the greatest discovery in solving blood vessel related problems. I began collecting literatures and do more research on ganoderma. As time goes by, I get more excited after knowing and uncovering more secrets of the ganoderma, especially ganoderma in DXN is so unique at performing miracles on our body.

I have been in nursing career since 1976. I am a State Rigistered Nurse (SRN); State Certified Midwife (SCM) trained in UK. I am also a Public Health Nurse (PHN) trained in Malaysia. Working experience in nursing field since 1976: (1) Oncology Nursing in UK (2) Maternal and Child health (3) Health Education

The frustration especially over premature deaths keeps flaring in me as this continues to occur from these groups of people: heart disease, diabetic and cancer patients. These premature deaths are in fact PREVENTABLE as well as REVERSABLE but so far the long run solution is not found in medical fields. The ray of hope to these health problems I finally found in DXN and my family has been in the pinkest of health since knowing her 8 years ago!

Early year 2007, my father was not able to walk well due to his bad knee and I decided to have his knee cap changed so he could live a more relaxing life.

At the age of 79, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer with extensive bone metastasis all over his body, which has been confirmed with a bone scan. His PSA level was 1544.00 ng/ml. PSA stands for Prostate Specific Antigen which is a protein produced by cells of the prostate gland. The PSA test measures the level of PSA in the blood to detect disease or sometimes known as a tumour marker. Subsequently, his doctor told me due to his old age, chemotherapy was not able to be performed on the treatment would be too drastic for his age and according to his oncology, prostate cancer is a hormonal inducing cancer and may not response to chemotherapy well.

His only medical treatment was to have his prostate and testes removed; no other treatment was given other than the previous two stated before.

I started my father on the following DXN products:
  1. Mycodiet (now is known as Mycovita)
    contains 30 RG and 30 GL, mixed well in a packet and he takes 2 packets
    of Mycodiet per day.
  2. GL powder 30g
    Each bottle contains approximately 60 GL capsules in the 30g bottle of GL and my father consumes 1 bottle per day.
  3. Cordypine
    30ml - 4 times per day which makes a total of 120ml per day.

  4. Spirulina
    10 tablets - 4 times per day which makes a total of 40 tablets per day.

  5. Cordycep
    5 capsules - 3 times per day which makes a total of 15 capsules per day.

  6. Roselle tablets
    Roselle is very enriched with natural vitamin C. I will explain further about this product in my blog later. 5 tablets - 3 times per day which makes a total of 15 tablets.
On regular hospital checkup since he was diagnosed with cancer, his condition showed tremendous improvement:
10 Septermber 2008: PSA results dropped to 34.46 ng/ml

15 January 2008: PSA results dropped to 16.45 ng/ml
24 June 2008: PSA results dropped to 7.7 ng/ml
14 November 2008: PSA results dropped to 5.0 ng/ml
3 October 2009: PSA results dropped to 4.2 ng/ml

*Note: Lucrin injection was given to my father after a long waiting list in the hospital. Lucrin is a hormonal injection controlling testosterone level in the body. But by then my father's PSA has already dropped to 16.45ng/ml by that time.

Testimony: Healing story the natural way Part 1 - Health Knowledge

I want to say that I'm very blessed with such wonderful product not only is able to upkeep as well as upgrade your health from head to toe but DXN has done lots of wonders to treat illnesses and diseases. The main key of this product is that not because they are able to cure whatever plague in the world but they are able to create and improve your entire body environment which does not allow you to fall ill!


The Human Body - the Best Doctor in the World.

The word ´doctor´ here refers to the one on call inside our body.

He works 24 hours a day to keep us healthy. When we catch a cold, he creates a river of mucus to carry the bacteria out of our body. When our cold settles in our chest and our lungs get congested, he makes us cough in order to rid our lungs of the congestion. When we get a fever, it is an indication that he is fighting off the infection. If we eat something that does not agree with our body, our doctor makes us vomit to rid our body of the culprit.

When our doctor senses abnormal cells, he immediately begins to encapsulate the suspected cells and form a tumor. Even when a tiny splinter is detected, in less than a few hours, our doctor forces it out. As we sleep, our doctor continues to work, cleansing our body and getting us ready to fight another day.

If you want to keep your doctor in tip-top condition, give him plenty of water, fresh fruits, vegetables, proper nutrition and exercise. Remember, your doctor has to work harder than ever these days. We must give him all the help he needs to keep us healthy. (If you think about it, this is the only doctor in the world who can actually cure you)

Source: Australia newsletter, Issue 2 (April 2006)


Health is a gift from God but you have a responsibility to take care of it. If you got sick and afterwards God gave you the chance to be healed then you have a responsibility to take good care of your health.

Find below DXN Product Users Healing Testimonies:

Find the following stories of people who BENEFITED from nature's product given to us by God.

What does it like to face hemodialysis because of kidney problem ? Find out in the life of Natividad Limson back to her prime after what seems like a loosing battle.

Hepatitis B -The encounter of Reynaldo Flores, a seaman – The Sailing in the vast sea of trouble ? http://www.dxnphil.com/frontoffice/index.php?bar=12&col=6

Lessons from the Unexpected: Cerebral stroke of Gershon Siguro

A purpose born on a second chance. Kemp Pring two holes in his heart

Life of Elizha Mae a struggle for survival

Gano in Action – 3 People

I live to eat or I eat to live + Brush with death

Efficacy of Ganoderma as claimed by international users: " A gift of God to human beings ".

If you want to know How to get rid of weak body and how to greatly minimize getting sick, just click below and watch the videos:

How Acid Overload Can Make You Sick!

How to greatly minimize the chance of getting sick ? You know what acid rain does to forests and waterways—it destroys healthy trees and their environment by ruining their normal functions. Well, guess what: the same thing happens to you when too much acid waste—from cholesterol, fatty acids, uric acid, sulfates and phosphates—builds up in your body. And when that metabolic waste clogs up your cells—you may often get sick.

Your body works well when you're in alkaline and acid balance. But for optimal health, it's essential that your body chemistry be slightly alkaline. An imbalance in your body's pH—causing too much acidcan open the door to a host of germs, bacteria, viruses and yeasts.

Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, in his book Alkalize or Die, shook the scientific community when he reported: "The countless names of illnesses do not really matter. What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause... TOO MUCH ACID IN THE BODY!" In fact, approximately 38 million Americans are at risk right now from acid overload. Too much acid in your cells can:

Thicken your blood and increase your risk of heart problems.

Block vitamin absorption and starve your body of essential nutrients.

Create toxic buildup in clogged cells.

Slow down organ function and make you feel sluggish and weak.

Prevent proper digestion and create excess gas and bloating.

Cause unhealthy weight gain.

Speed the aging process and make you look and feel older.

And much more!

It's Never Been Easier to Reverse Acid Overload
If acid waste builds up faster than it's flushed out, your cells age faster and you will likely get sick more often. If you frequently wake up with stiff joints... feel sluggish... experience mental fuzziness or just feel lousy more often than not, clearing out the acid from your cells can help you feel better fast.

The foods you eat can also create acid overload. Beef, chicken, turkey, pasta, cheese and crackers are but a few foods that promote acidity. Highly processed and sugary foods create even more damaging acid.

And if you don't get enough alkaline-forming foods in your diet, like an abundance of fruits and vegetables, your body can't lower the acid level.

Can you imagine filling up your garbage can but not emptying it for 2 months? Or not flushing your toilet for a week? Gross, huh? But that's essentially what happens when you don't get rid of stored acids. Since your body is composed of mostly water, acid can spread throughout your entire body, creating a breeding ground for all sorts of health problems. High acid also allows LDL-cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) to build up faster in your arteries. It can put you on the path to a heart disaster by damaging the walls of your arteries and creating plaque buildup.

Even stress creates excess acid. If you're not getting enough sleep or exercise or are facing lifestyle changes, you probably have more acid than your body can handle. Your cells are absorbing acidic toxins much faster than you can get rid of them through your colon, lungs, skin and kidneys.

Here's How You Can Combat Acid and Eliminate Toxins
Unfortunately, the medical community focuses on treating symptoms—giving you medicines for the symptoms—but not addressing or eliminating the root cause of your health problems.

No matter what type of diet you eat... what your exercise level... what your current physical condition... your body CANNOT eliminate 100 percent of the waste it produces on a daily basis when it is not in good shape.

On the contrary, if your body is in good shape, it is the best doctor and can fight off wide range of diseases.

How to make our body in good shape ?

We must strengthen and build up our immune system and restore body functions. Everybody has the ability to cure their own diseases with their natural immune system in proper shape. How to strengthen your immune system the natural way, just click and watch the videos below:


What does it mean when the the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, said "Let food be thy medicine, and Let medicine be thy food" ? It simply means you must eat the PROPER FOODS to have good health. What you eat is what you are. Proper foods are foods that do not harm your body but can put your body in good shape. However, nowadays, available foods that you can buy and consume are less nutritious and loaded with toxins harmful to your body except those grown organically/naturally. However, since FRESH ORGANIC FOODS are very costly and difficult to find in the market , the best alternative is ORGANIC FOOD SUPPLEMENT which is readily available in the market and which you can purchase at reasonable price.

Organic food supplements can do a lot to put your body in good shape. Organic food supplements are not medicines. They are foods that do not harm your body but instead put your body in good shape by cleaning your body from toxins and strengthening your immune system. If your body HAS A GOOD IMMUNE SYSTEM it CAN FIGHT WIDE VARIETY OF DISEASES. Everybody has the ability to cure their own diseases with their natural immune system in proper shape.

Despite all possible health benefits that can be obtained from DXN Food Supplements, like the Healing Testimonies of DXN Product Users as mentioned above, it is not intended to replace the recommendations of the Medical Doctors.

1. DXN Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma)


- Ganoderma is known as the “King of Herbs” and “King of Adaptogen”.
- Reishi Mushroom is a combination of Reishi Gano (containing polysaccharide, organic germanium, adenosine, ganoderic essence, triterpenoides, protein and fibre) and Ganocelium (containing polysaccharide, organic germanium, a whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals).
- It is non-toxic and can be taken daily without producing any side effects on prolonged period. When it is taken regularly, it can restore the body to its natural state, enabling all organs to function normally. As an immune modulator, it regulates and fine tunes the immune system. It is not specified for a specific organ, disease or age but the body health in general.

Benefits of Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma):

(1) Cleanses the body from the accumulated toxins on the tissues (2) Strengthens the immune system by activating the immune cells in the body (3) Activating the blood cells and increasing the ability of these blood cells to carry more oxygen (4) Activating the metabolism (5) Renewing the cells in general, and reviving the skin (6) Balancing organs functions. This is the specialty which makes Ganoderma able to help the body to be released from lots of health problems (7) Reduce blood pressure (8) Reduce blood cholesterol (9) Reduce blood sugars (10) Inhibit platelet aggregation (11) Alleviate altitude sickness (12) Can help treat neuromuscular disease (13) Can help treat cancer (14) Protect against liver and kidney disease (15) Anti-oxidant (16) Anti-inflammatory, Antibacterial, Antiviral, Anti-allergic, Analgesic properties (17) Calcium, potassium, magnesium, proteins, vitamins and fiber are also present. (http://www.reishi.com) or (http://www.ganoderma.com), (http://www.ganodermaa-z.com)



Benefits of DXN Spirulina include:
1. It strengthens the immune system
2. It supports cardiovascular health
3. It improves gastrointestinal and digestive health
4. It acts as a natural cleansing and detoxification
5. Its antioxidant properties help prevent cancer
6. It fights Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
7. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory
8. It helps prevent premature aging

Details of Spirulina Benefits

1. It strengthens the immune system

- Spirulina works in many ways to balance and strengthen our health. Its rich array of nutrients provides a strong foundation so we are less vulnerable to invading bacteria and viruses. It supplies essential minerals that may be missing from conventional foods grown in depleted soils. Spirulina grows in water containing ionic trace minerals that are absorbed and chelated by the organism, creating a colloidal form easily absorbed by our bodies.

- Spirulina can help balance and stabilize the immune system, freeing up metabolic energy for vitality, healing and assimilation of nutrients. Its polysaccharides enhance cellular communication processes and the ability to read and repair DNA.

- Spirulina also stimulates the immune system by enhancing the production of antibodies and cytokines. Under the influence of spirulina, macrophages, T and B cells, are activated. Spirulina sulfolipids have been proven effective against HIV, herpes virus, cytomegalovirus, and influenza virus. The National Cancer Institute, USA, has additionally announced that sulfolipids in spirulina are remarkably active against the AIDS virus. Regular intake of spirulina increases anti-viral activity, stimulates the immune system, reduces kidney toxicity, improves wound healing and reduces radiation sickness.

- Spirulina build healthy lactobacillus in the intestines which provides human with better stimulation of the immune system. - Unique 'Biliproteins' & 'Carotenoids' in Spirulina strengthen the body's immune system against possible infections.

2. It supports cardiovascular health
- Contain abundant Gammalinolenic Acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid, which helps in lowering cholesterol levels and reduce problems of circulatory system. Studies with men in Japan and India showed that several grams of spirulina daily can reduce serum LDL and improve the cholesterol ratio. Human studies in Germany and India found a weight reduction effect from spirulina along with the cholesterol normalizing effects.

3. It improves gastrointestinal and digestive health
- Build healthy lactobacillus in the intestines which provides human with better digestion and absorption, protection from infection and stimulation of the immune system. Spirulina contributes to the growth and preservation of the resident intestinal microflora, especially lactic acid bacilli and bifidobacteria, and to a decreased level of Candida albicans. It is rich in four natural pigments: chlorophyll, beta-carotene, xanthophylls and phycocyanin. Its richest source of natural chlorophyll speeds up metabolism and highly effective in restoring healthy function of the digestive system.

4. It acts as a natural cleansing and detoxification
- Spirulina contains a wealth of antioxidant vitamins C and E, as well as the antioxidant minerals selenium, manganese, zinc, copper, iron, and chromium. Its antioxidant capabilities have been shown to reduce the toxic effects of cadmium, and of free radicals generated by inflammatory processes. It has also been highly effective against mercuric chloride induced oxidative stress.

- Spirulina has been found to reduce kidney toxicity resulting from heavy metals including mercury, and from pharmaceutical drugs. It has also been shown to promote the elimination of dioxin.

- Research suggests when Spirulina is taken with anti-cancer drugs, antibiotics and pain killing drugs, toxic side effects to the kidney can be significantly reduced and shorter recovery times may be possible.

5. Its antioxidant properties help prevent cancer
- We all have cancer cells within us. Cancer cells develop within our bodies all the time, but our immune systems normally fight them before they develop into the disease we know as cancer. In other words, if you are diagnosed as "having cancer," that means only that your immune system didn't kill your body's naturally-occurring cancer cells the way it was designed to. The free radical molecules generated by pollution, poor diet choices, stress and injury damage the cells of our bodies. Antioxidant nutrients fight these free radicals and stimulate our immune system to guard against cancer and other diseases. Spirulina contains a wealth of antioxidant vitamins C and E, and beta carotene, as well as the antioxidant minerals selenium, manganese, zinc, copper, iron and chromium. Research has shown spirulina to protect vitamin C from potency loss. Spirulina is also richly supplied with the blue pigment phycocyanin, a biliprotein which has been shown to inhibit cancer-colony formation.

6. Spirulina fights Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
- Spirulina restores the body to a state of high energy according to those who use it. The process may be through its high levels of polysaccharides and essential fatty acids. It is one of the few sources of gamma linolenic acid (GLA), providing 30 mg per serving. Spirulina may also boost energy through the lactobacillus in the intestinal tract, which aid in the release of nutrients from food, and enable the production of energy promoting Vitamin B6. The prime directive of our bodies is to support our immune system. When our immune system is stressed it draws down metabolic energy. People with immune system imbalances may feel chronic fatigue and low energy. Spirulina can help balance and stabilize the immune system, freeing up metabolic energy for vitality, healing and assimilation of nutrients. Its polysaccharides enhance cellular communication processes and the ability to read and repair DNA. People taking spirulina usually feel greatly energized.

7. Spirulina is a powerful anti-inflammatory

- The anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties of spirulina have been well documented. In a recent double-blind, controlled study, people with allergic rhinitis were fed daily with either a placebo or spirulina for twelve weeks. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells were isolated before and after the spirulina feeding, and levels of inflammatory marking cytokines were measured. The researchers found that high doses of spirulina significantly reduced interleukin-4 levels by 32%, demonstrating its protective effect against allergic rhinitis.

- Other studies have demonstrated the ability of spirulina to promote mucosal immunity, and improve the symptoms of nasal discharge, sneezing, nasal congestion, and itching. Production of Natural Killer (NK) cells in the body is increased by spirulina.

8. Spirulina helps prevent premature aging
- As our body is exposed to damaging free radicals our aging process become faster. Antioxidant properties of Spirulina neutralizes these damaging free radicals. Spirulina contains 2250 units of superoxide dismutase (SOD), the powerful antioxidant made naturally by the body. As youth is left behind, levels of SOD decline and should be replenished by the diet to prevent premature aging.

Ref.: http://www.dxnmalaysia.com/product/spirulina_faq.php , http://www.spirulina.com, http://www.herbalremediesinfo.com/spirulina.html ,
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3. DXN Cordyceps Sinensis (Food Supplement)

dxn cordyceps sinensis

Gaining The Athletic Edge
Cordyceps, an amazing medicinal mushroom extract, has made international sports news. After regular consumption of cordyceps, a team of Chinese women runners shattered 9 world records, breaking the record for the 10,000 meter run by an unprecedented 42 seconds (Chinese National Games, 1993). In another example, a Boston marathon runner who had been taking cordyceps, cut an unbelievable 25 minutes off his time and placed in the top ten winners.
Named one of the best energy booster by Alternative Medicine Magazine (10/2004)

The Search
A classical 17th century medical text used by master Chinese herbalists says that cordyceps is even more power than the very famous root, ginseng, in helping to clear health problems. In the past, cordyceps could be found only in a few isolated places inChina, 12,000 feet or more above sea level. No other place in the world had these same growing conditions. Because it was so rare, cordyceps was very expensive. In spite of the price, demand was still high because the people knew what a powerful herb it was.
Traditionally cordyceps has been used in the Orient for purported benefits to the heart, lungs, immune system, for its energy-boosting effects, stamina and for anti-aging purposes. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) cordyceps is considered one of the most important medicinal foods. In fact, wild Cordyceps Sinensis was so rare in ancient times that it was valued at four times its weight in silver. Prized by members of the Emperor's court and other Chinese Nobility for its healing powers.

Cordyceps sinensis, also called Chinese caterpillar fungus, Cs-4, Dong Chong Xia Caoor, or semitake, is a fungus native to the Tibetan plateau in China. The fungus is parasitic, and grows in the moth caterpillar. Spores enter the host, germinate, and ultimately kill the larva. Although species of cordyceps are seen in Europe and the Americas, only the Chinese form has been used medically. Cordyceps has a long history of use in Chinese medicine. Its traditional roles have been restorative; improving the quality of life, and increasing energy and longevity. Traditional uses of the thousand year "rejuvenation" herb include the following:
  • impotence treatment
  • increase fertility
  • stimulate immune system
  • improve resistance to bacteria
  • increase resistance to viruses
  • relieve fatigue
  • vitality tonic for mind and body, especially in aging men
Benefits of DXN Cordyceps Sinensis:

1. Restful Sleep
2. Natural Anti-Cancer Agent
3. Blood Pressure Regulation
4. Respiratory Help
5. Sexual Rejuvenator
6. Increased Fertility

7. Increased Energy
8. Anti-Aging Properties
9. Blood Sugar Regulation
10. Memory Improvement and Mood Enhancer
11. Increased Absorption Of Other Nutrients
12.Blood Builder and Purifier
13.Outstanding Kidney Rejuvenation
14.Improved Liver Function
15.Team Player

Details of Cordyceps Benefits:
1. Restful Sleep
The first key benefit the researchers found is that cordyceps helps promote restful sleep. Cordyceps
has a calming effect on the nervous system to help reduce anxiety and nervous stress as well as making sleep more productive.

2. Natural Anti-Cancer Agent
In China, cordyceps is a well-known anti-cancer, antitumor and anti-infective agent. It has been shown to
significantly boost depressed immune function, including both B and T cell lymphocytes. Studies have shown outstanding results with lung cancer and lymphoma patients. Research shows that the mushroom has no effect outside the body, such as in a test tube. Instead, it works only inside the body by upregulating the body’s immune system to overcome disease. The researchers found that cordyceps helps reduce the side effects of radiation therapy, such as used in cancer therapy. Cordyceps increases the effectiveness of the spleen to help filter out harmful substances in the blood. This helps to promote faster healing.

3. Blood Pressure Regulation
Third, the researchers found that cordyceps can lower blood pressure that is too high and can actually increase blood supply. Cordyceps can slow down the heart rate, increase the blood supply to the heart and arteries and also increase the total blood volume of the heart. Cordyceps relaxes the blood vessel walls so blood flow is increased to the heart and blood pressure is lowered. Cordyceps can also help lower the bad cholesterol, the low density lipoproteins so common in heart disease. Several studies have demonstrated that Cordyceps sinensis helps to lower total cholesterol by 10 to 21% and triglycerides by 9 to 26%. At the same time it helps to increase HDL-cholesterol (“good cholesterol”) by 27 to 30%.

4. Respiratory Help
Fourth, the researchers found cordyceps helped reduce asthma and other types of respiratory problems. Cordyceps can help relax the bronchial walls as well as acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. It can be effective against coughs and phlegm as well as asthma and other respiratory problems. Cordyceps also helps to naturally increase the body’s adrenaline production. Adrenaline has a natural anti-asthma effect. Low adrenals can also lead to symptoms of stress as well as eczema or other skin conditions. Cordyceps can help strengthen the body’s adrenals and eliminate these problems.

5. Sexual Rejuvenator
Fifth, the researchers found cordyceps helps rejuvenate male sexual ability. Key compounds in cordyceps act as potent male sex hormones to bring back youthful function and stamina. Cordyceps also is known
as natural Viagra from the east. In a double blind and placebo-controlled study involving 200 men with reduced libido and other sexual problems, Cordyceps significantly enhance their sexual function. 64% of the Cordyceps-users reported significant improvement in sexual function compared with 24% of the placebo group. According to a double blind, placebo controlled study published on Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine, 21 elderly women experiencing sexual frustration were given Cordyceps supplementation. 90% reported improvements in libido and sexual health following the use of Cordyceps, compared with none in the control group. In another human clinical study involving 189 men and women with decreased libido and desire, 66% showed improvement of symptoms and desire after Cordyceps supplementation.

6. Improved Fertility
Cordyceps help improve fertility by increasing sperm count. According to a study published on J Modern Diagnostics Therapeutics, 22 males with low sperm count were given Cordyceps supplement for 8 weeks. The result showed 33% increase in sperm count, 29% decreased in incidence of sperm malformations, and a 79% increase in survival rate.

7. Increased Energy
Sixth, cordyceps can help increase energy levels. In addition to cordycep’s ability to increase adrenaline, cordyceps has the ability to increase ATP—this is high-energy adenosine triphosphate, the powerhouse molecule from the cell’s energy factory-- so energy levels are increased.

8. Anti-Aging Properties
Seventh, the researchers found cordyceps is an amazing, antiaging herb. Cordyceps can help prevent the formation of lipid peroxides (the dangerous age-inducing free radicals) and can inhibit or prevent the formation of other free radicals in the brain. Cordyceps provides significant protection against the greatly increased contaminants everywhere in our environment, especially our food and water.

9. Blood Sugar Regulation
Eighth, the researchers found cordyceps helps regulate blood sugar. Most late-onset diabetes is really an infection, especially in the pancreas, which is routinely missed. Since cordyceps is a powerful, natural anti-infective agent, it can be a great help in diabetes.

10. Memory Improvement and Mood Enhancer
The 9th key benefit is that cordyceps can improve memory and mental sharpness. It also has a natural relaxing effect due to its amino acids, glutamic acid, tyrosine and L-tryptophan. Cordyceps has an excellent potential to benefit those with depression since it naturally inhibits monoamine oxidase in the brain with no side effects—unlike drugs. It is a natural herb which helps upregulate the brain’s biochemistry without side effects with a track record of thousands of years.

11. Increased Absorption Of Other Nutrients
The 10th key benefit is that cordyceps makes other nutrients more effective. When cordyceps is taken regularly, the food that is eaten is more fully absorbed. It helps the body make more efficient use of all the nutrients in the food, so the body can readily absorb and use all the necessary building blocks
for better health.

12. Blood Builder and Purifier
Cordyceps is also a great blood builder and purifier. Studies show it can clear anemia due to its ability to build bone marrow and platelet counts. It has also significantly helped normalize arrhythmia (irregular heart beats) and improved blood flow to the heart. Even chronic hepatitis B patients found the extract increased their blood albumin levels as well as improving their liver and protein metabolism. Other human trials show that cordyceps can also lower high cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

13. Outstanding Kidney Rejuvenation

The use of cordyceps dates back to ancient China where it was used in the Emperor’s palace. It was used to strengthen and rebuild the body, especially after exhaustion or long-term illness, often due to weakened kidneys. Excellent results have been reported for those with weak kidneys, even those in kidney failure. Research has shown it can increase 17-hydroxy-corticosteroid and 17-ketosteroid levels, acting like a nontoxic super-cortisone. According to Chinese medicine, kidney-related problems can include symptoms such as chronic fatigue, back and joint pain, ringing in the ears and many types of sexual problems, such as impotence. The kidney chi or energy goes to all these areas. Cordyceps,
because it helps the kidney chi, has been shown to help all these problems.

14. Improved Liver Function
In a research published on China J Chinese Materia Medica, that involved 33 patients with Hepatitis “B”, 8 patients with cirrhosis taking Cordyceps supplement showed 71.9% improvement on “Thymol Turbidity Test” and 78.6% improvement in” SGPT Test”, both are enzyme test showing improvement in liver functions.

15. Team Player
Cordyceps is a natural team player because it affects so many parts of the body. As world-wide research shows, its effects range from benefitting many organs and glands to purifying the blood.

http://www.literaturesearch.net/cordy.html, http://www.powersupplements.com/cordyceps

DXN Morinzhi Juice (with Noni fruit)


Benefits of Noni fruit:
· Release the body from the accumulated toxins and then the cells retrieve their activity.
· Activate the blood circulation which leads to carry the oxygen and the food to the far cells.
· Strengthen the immunity and destroy damaging free radicals which cause cancer.
· Activate the metabolism and renew the cells.
· Get rid of all digestive system’s problems and increased acidity.

Morinda Citrifolia comes with many names which are Great Morinda, Indian Mulberry, Tahitian Noni, Beach Mulberry, Noni or even Mengkudu known by Malaysians.

We have recently discovered that Noni stimulates two major hormones called serotonin and melatonin. The pineal gland controls the 5 major other glands below it which are:

Testimony: Healing story the natural way Part 1 - Health Knowledge
  1. The thyroid which produces thyroxine to energize our cells
  2. The thymus (immune system control centre) which protects us against infections and cancer
  3. The pancreas which is invoved with blood sugar and secreting hormone insulin
  4. The adrenal gland which responds everytime you are under stress
  5. The first gland is the male and female sex organs and their hormones.
In ancient terms, the pineal gland was called the sixth gland of the body. Hence by restoring the sixth gland, the pineal gland, it will have an impact on all those other glands and their functions in the body. When the pineal gland is at its peak performance, it turns a golden colour and emits a black fluid. The black fluid would be the melanin colour of the organs and every other area of the body which has pigments.

The back of the eye has a black area called the macula which is pigmented with melanin. That is the area the light hits when your eyes open. Many people have difficulty with their eyesight (e.g. blindness, short-sighted and far-sighted and astigmatism) because one of the cause is that the pigment at the macula is degenerating. Research has been found that DXN Morinzhi makes the macula generate more pigment and the cells begin to return to normal and hence reverses the blindness itself.

Testimony: Healing story the natural way Part 1 - Health KnowledgeDisease related to pineal gland leads to multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease. Appropriate function of the pineal gland is important in restoring those cells, and we are seeing patients reversing some of their neurological problems because DXN Morinzhi is stimulating the production of chemical essential to those areas of the brain. Testimony: Healing story the natural way Part 1 - Health Knowledge

Nystagmus, is characterised
by involuntary eye
movements, is one of many
symptoms that can appear with MS

The pancreas is also affected by DXN Morinzhi: the blood sugar and blood pressure begin to normalize. The pineal gland affects the different organs all the way down to the first gland, the male and female sex organs, and people are noticing for example that their prostate glands are beginning to shrink down to normal size once they have been on DXN Morinzhi for a short period of time. Women who have problems with their uterus or with fibriods, are noticing that the fibroids are beginning to disappear, that their menstruation is beginning to normalize, they have less cramps and their bleeding problems become more in balance.

Ref.: www.nonialoha.com then go to info then click on Dr. Neil Solomon’s research.





Other DXN Food Supplements:

(1) DXN LINGZHI 3 in 1 Coffee - Natural Healthy Coffee
2 in 1 Coffee

(2) DXN LINGZHI 2 in 1 Coffee (Natural Healthy Coffee)
3 in 1 Coffee

(3) DXN COCOZHI (Natural Healthy Chocolate Drink)

(4) DXN LINGZHI TEA - Natural Healthy Tea
Lingzhi Tea

(5) DXN KIWI JUICE - Natural Kiwi Juice
Kiwi Juice

For Other DXN Food Supplements just click the link below:

For More Information, please contact me.

Edmond S. Tonido
Mobile No.: 00 966 507856728
Email Address: embo_tonido2@yahoo.com.ph
DXN Membership I.D. No.: 144044087

Health is a gift from God but you have a responsibility to take good care of it.


I. How you can build wealth thru good health, just click below:

II. Why Money Cannot Solve Poverty ?

III. How to Increase Financial I. Q. ?

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